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Slide Shows of various RestoreOldHouse projects: 1700's Stone House restoration Contemporary period house (1800's) Clock Tower and House (1790's)
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The Older home,
Working on various homes it becomes apparent that the beautiful work in the trades of years gone by can become hidden, what was once a beautiful room can become a cause of concern to the home owner. With knowledge of the trades including plastering,wood refinishing,water damage repair,carpentry and interior/exterior repair and painting combined with a background in the visual arts we can help to bring a client's concept to a vibrant visual completion.

The Newer Home,
Starting wih a good surface to paint is very important,there are homes that after a good surface preparation all that is needed is a color change.There are many new designer colors to pick from and we can help you in making your home look great.

Custom Painting Plastering
Carpentry Wood Restoration Wood Refinishing
Dry Wall Repair Exterior Painting/ Cedar Staining
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