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Slide Shows of various RestoreOldHouse projects 1700's Stone House restoration Contemporary period house (1800's) Clock Tower and House (1790's)

RestoreOldHouse before and after
renovation example

RESTOREOLDHOUSE Restoration and Painting Services

Working on various homes it becomes apparent that the beautiful work in the trades of years gone by can become hidden, what was once a beautiful room can become a cause of concern to the home owner. Cracked and falling plaster, peeling wall paper, distressed woodwork, water damage and exterior weather damage can happen to the finest of homes. Some of these problems and others might be due to time, sometimes other causes like previous projects on the house might have used improper materials that at the time was thought it might be helping the situation could have actually added to the problem area. In many homes there have been trends, styles and basic wear and tear , all have contributed to the current state. So if it is that the house is in need of cosmetic updating or structural repair , patching , and or refining to bring out some of the original craftsmanship and enhance the beauty of your home.....

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